BVH3 and other Local Hashes

First Tuesday of every month at 7pm. We run from different locations each Month.

Est 19th April 1997. Check us out on facebook, strava team and our Run League.

GM - Headley Hound 01256 771037
RA - Loud & Tasteless

Links to other local hashes

Southampton Hash House HarriersSHHH (3rd Tue. 7pm)
Hursley H3
Hursley H3 (Sun 11am)
PAD H3Portsmouth & District H3
( Every Other Mon 7pm )
Wessex H3Wessex H3
(Sun 11am)
The Roman Road Decidedly Dodgy Hash House HarriersR2D2 H3 (Thu. 7pm.
Winter: Sat. 11am)
Haunch of Venison H3Haunch of Venison H3
(Wed 7pm)